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April 19, 2019 3 min read

Talking about electric skateboards, we all know boosted boards, it’s like Apple in the smartphone market. It can be said that boosted boards start our dream on electric skateboards. So we can go to work for a cooler and faster way.


But there are hundreds of electric skateboards, how do we choose?

Well, price, specification, and convenience are the most important parts you really should think.


  • Price

300$-600$ becomes the most affordable price zone for most people, and those boards are very likely from China. Since boosted started the market in 2013, a lot of Chinese manufacturers starts to study design and produce electric skateboards. Thanks to the lower cost on the labor force, their boards become the best and most affordable options for many people. Never mention that some Chinese boards are not bad than boosted.


  • Specifications

Max Speed, Max Mileage, Weight(Most Important)


20km/h to 35km/h is the best and the safest speed zone for most riders. Speed over 35km/h, the board start to shaking and a tiny rock can let you off, riders need more skills to handle that speed. Anyway, safety is the first, we suggest riders always wear protective clothing during riding.


It is a good idea to choose a board who has a max mileage of 10km to 20km so that your commuting needs can be fully satisfied. Actually, electric skateboards are built for the last mile problem. Most boards can cover that range, riders don’t have to worry about it. Just choose the right one. Always choose the right one, in this case, the better one might also be heavier.


Weight relates to convenience, it is a sensitive point for electric skateboards. Riders choose electric skateboards to make convenience, a heavy board will ruin that. The best weight zone is 3.5kg to 8kg. 


Normally, riders need to choose the size first. A longboard(33’’-59’’) is definitely heavier than a skateboard(<33’’). But longboards usually have better features, it is for long distance. So distance should be the first key point to choose board type. The next one is speed, just check the speed part above. Personally, I prefer skateboards weight about 3.5, with 13km max mileage and 20km/h max speed, and a tail.


Electric skateboards are becoming more and more popular, even boosted publish its own skateboards. For riders live in a city, an electric skateboard is a perfect choice, easy to carry on the bus, subway, office or school, everywhere. And the best part is you don’t have to sweat yourself. It takes weeks or months for adults to learn skateboarding, but you can enjoy the same riding in minutes or hours.


  • Convenience

To be convenient, an electric skateboard/longboard should be affordable, light, faster and durable, and using hub motors. In this case, weight effects the most. Riders need to think about how to carry the board every day. Electric skateboards can be put in a backpack, makes it more attractive. As for longboard, you might have to grab the truck and pull the board behind you, when it is out of battery. Trust me, you wouldn’t enjoy it.


After that, don’t choose belt motors. Belt electric skateboard/longboard can ruin your day. Most boards use the remote controller. Riders might forget to turn it off. Sometimes they pull the joystick accidentally, the belt might roll something in, sometimes your pants, sometimes your finger which is awkward or dangerous. Boards with hub motors don’t have this issue.


What’s more, you can choose a weight-sensing electric skateboard/longboard.