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April 25, 2019 2 min read

As a marketing manager on electric skateboard/longboard with 3-year experience, I rode an electric longboard for daily commuting for about one year, done skateboarding for eight months, and got thousands of feedback from customers, it is time to share.


I have to admit that riding electric longboard for commuting is such an awesome experience, you and your board always attract eyes, but there’re also some issues you have to face.


  • Carrying

Some boards are awkward to carry, they are too heavy to carry on the arm, and tried to pull. In this case, buy yourself a bag.


  • Grip Tape

Grip tape can easily hurt your arm or pants, just watch out.


  • Belt Motor

Sometimes you start the board by accident, the belt might roll your pants or finger in, very dangerous.


  • Hub Motor

Do not touch the motors, after riding the board, or your fingers might get burned. Some hub motors don’t have a good cooling system. In some bad case, its out tire even melted or deformed. So it is necessary to choose an electric skateboard with high-quality motors.


  • Wheelbite

Wheelbite is a huge problem in skateboarding or longboarding. Since electric skateboards/longboards are usually faster and used for commuting, wheelbite is much more dangerous. When wheelbite happens, the board can stop suddenly and throw riders away. So it is necessary to run a test, before getting the board.


  • Press Error

Most electric skateboards/longboards have a remote, and press errors may happen. Riders could start the board by accident anywhere, which can be dangerous, your board may run out and hit something or someone.


  • Lost Connection

Remote controllers for electric skateboard/longboard use 2.4G Bluetooth signal which is a normal frequency and easily disturbed. Make the antenna longer can reduce it. In some bad case, the connection lost while the riders are still riding, extremely frightening and dangerous. PS: Please calm down, reboot the remote controller, see if it works.


  • Battery Die

Some boards don’t have a battery protecting system, its battery may die after long periods without using the board. When it happens, the board has no response to charging, cannot turn on, either. To avoid this issue, please contact the seller ask about it or use your board at least once a month.

Anyway, you won't see these issue show on our boards.