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1. The closer you put the phone near to the electric skateboard, the better performance you will get.

2. Android version has been tested under those devices: Huawei Hornor v9/Hornor v8/Mate 8; Oppo R9s; Meizu M3s.

3. iOS version has been tested under those devices: iPhone 5c/iPhone 6/iPhone 6s/iPhone 7.

  • Access the real-time info
Through Bluetooth 4.0, you can access the speed/battery usage/temperature and others. Also, you can control the light and speaker
  • Control arbitrarily
Manual and auto control mode are both supported, they can be switch Seamlessly
  • Take the key moment
Quick access phone's camera, and grab the moment supreme
  • Start a funny campaign with real-time position
Walking route and electricity consumption are being displayed on the map during a campaign
  • All info you want
Check and edit the BIC info, Also firmware upgrade/device diagnosis and more can be found